Album: Silas Malachi-Eyes Of Mercy Mp3

By: famwang / June 6th, 2022 / 23 views

Eyes of Mercy

[Story behind the Album]

One faithful Wednesday I went to mid-week of prayer
I sat close to an old man,thinking I was focused ,but I was lost in thought over the old man beside me. A thought came that what if I was the old man and have no time left on earth to do the things of God, Will be in church or at home at that age, as if that wasn’t enough it was a time for prayers I thought I was praying I heard the old man praying and crying to God I stopped praying and asked myself what could be the reason this old man is crying and praying, said to myself I’m young enough, not old but am not serious with the things of God, Our generation is lost in sin which have taken over us all but still yet God have been merciful.

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